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coordinating your event


I. Security and Staffing
Museum security and a building manager are mandatory at all functions. All security costs related to set-up, striking, and the event itself will be billed to the User. It is the responsibility of the User to provide registration staff at the reception area. Additional staff may be requested by the User, however there will be additional fees for specialized services – off-duty police, reception personnel, restroom attendants, docents and valet parking or as specified by the User.

For security purposes, doors to the entrance of the Museum will be opened only at the contracted time and will close at the contracted ending time. The contracted time officially begins when the User arrives at the event to coordinate the set-up and ends when the User, caterer and other User staff complete the break-down and vacate the facility. All persons must vacate the facility at the contracted end time or an overtime fee will be incurred.

II. Cleaning
Clean up and removal of all garbage from the event is the responsibility of User and/or User’s vendors. Events with more than 50 guests will be subject to a $200 cleaning fee.

III. Rentals and Deliveries
Users must provide any equipment they or their vendors require. Delivery and pick-up of all equipment must be coordinated with the BMA liaison. The BMA liaison must clear all delivery schedules involving elaborate rentals. The Museum reserves the right not to accept deliveries on behalf of the User. However, exceptions may be made for certain small deliveries with prior arrangement. Museum staff will not assist in transferring equipment or products being utilized by the User, unless previously requested. The User and/or User’s vendors should provide their own dollies or carts.

The User must supply the Museum with the names, addresses and phone numbers of all User related staff at least five (5) days prior to the event.

All rentals and equipment must be removed as promptly as possible after the event. BMA shall not be held responsible for any equipment, material, or property of any individual left on premises by the User or its vendors.

IV. Catering
Food and beverages may be consumed and served in the following designated areas only – Café and adjoining Terrace, Sculpture Terrace, conference room, Lindemann Family Creativity Center and outside the museum grounds. Food and beverages are not permitted in the galleries.

The Museum does not allow red beverages including wine to be served in any areas. The User must comply with all city and state laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations concerning the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages. In accordance with the law, the Museum prohibits the serving of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21, or to anyone who appears to be intoxicated. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the museum.

User may contract with a caterer of his/her choice. A site visit with the Museum’s event staff and User’s caterer is required prior to the event to discuss the logistics of the event. No cooking, frying, baking, is permitted inside the museum.

The User will be responsible for ensuring that the caterer cleans up thoroughly. This includes removing all catering equipment, all supplies and all garbage from BMA premises.

V. Utilities and Special Equipment
All energy and power needs must be reviewed with the museum at least two weeks in advance of the event. Electrical equipment may only be serviced by electrical lines designated by BMA as having sufficient capacity. User will not be allowed to connect into BMA’s main power source. User must provide any extra generators that are required. Any electrical equipment such as microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, extension cords, generators, etc. must be located in an area approved by the Bass Museum of Art.

VI. Entertainment
The Museum must approve all musical and entertainment arrangements; however, the User is responsible for the selection and costs of the entertainment.

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