rental policies


rental policies


I. Availability
The Bass Museum of Art makes its facilities available to private, public and non-profit organizations and to individuals for special events to increase community awareness of the Museum and to generate income to support its programs.

Unless otherwise arranged with the Special Events Manager, all events must be scheduled outside of public museum hours and when there is not a Bass Museum of Art event or other activity on the premises, with the exception of meetings held in the Lydia and Burton Harrison Café or on the Arthur and Alice Adams Terrace.

Events may include the opportunity for guests to tour the galleries.

For large events, Collins Park may be considered for use; however, additional fees and permits are required.

Special uses, including film and television shoots, fashion shoots, and press conferences must be negotiated with the Executive Director.

The Museum is not available for religious or political events or for fundraising by other arts organizations.

Access for event set-up will be arranged at the museum’s discretion, in consideration of its obligation to the general public and to the safekeeping of the works of art in its care.
Use of gallery space when exhibitions are between installations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All events held at the Museum must be confirmed in advance with the Development Department and must comply with the Museum’s Rental Policies and Agreement Contract.

II. Permits
Special Event permits may be obtained from the City of Miami Beach by applying online here. The City of Miami Beach authorizes wedding/commitment ceremonies in the park in front of the Museum. Permit fee is $125. It is understood that the User will be solely responsible for securing and paying for any permits that may be required in connection with the event and will provide proof of such permits to the BMA.

III. Insurance
The Museum requires that all individuals/organizations using the Museum for a special event obtain a certificate of general liability insurance from their insurance carrier for the hours of the event inclusive of set-up and strike. This certificate of insurance must state that the User has in force general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for each occurrence and must name the City of Miami Beach and Bass Museum of Art, Inc. as additional insured under the policy for the duration of the event. If the User is unable to provide such insurance, BMA reserves the right to secure coverage for the event under its own policy, passing along the relevant cost to the User.

Any use of the Museum involving a danger or risk, as determined by the Museum in its sole discretion, shall be covered by liability and property damage insurance provided by User, at User’s sole cost and expense. The User shall not commit or permit to be committed any activity in or about the Museum, nor use or permit the use of the Museum for any purpose, which shall be detrimental or damaging to the appearance, condition or structural soundness of the Museum, or which shall result in the cancellation or threatened cancellation of any policy of insurance upon the Museum.

User agrees to comply with any and all laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations of the federal, state and local governments and all of their departments, applicable to User’s use of the Museum, including, without limitation, obtaining any necessary liquor licenses and the payment of sales, use and entertainment taxes or fees.

The User shall indemnify and hold the Museum (and Museum officers, directors and employees) harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, suits, and expenses (including attorney’s fees for the defense thereof) made against, suffered or incurred by the Museum (or Museum’s officers, directors or employees) arising from or out of the conduct or management of the User’s business in or on the Museum or any breach on the part of the User in any condition or covenant of the agreement, or from any act or negligence of the User and User’s invitees/clients/employees in or about the Museum. In case of any action or proceeding brought against Museum (or Museum’s officers, directors or employees) by reason of any such claim, the User, upon notice from the Museum, covenants to defend any such action or proceeding by counsel acceptable to the Museum.

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