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By placing different works on public display, the museum creates visual and thematic relationships between works of art of different eras in art history. Densely installed in a “salon style” format, the museum has created the ART HISTORY LAB as a site for the discovery and exploration of diverse interpretations throughout different works of art.

The ART HISTORY LAB is designed to enable the viewer to compare and contrast different styles and subject matter through the display of a range of artworks from our collection, including examples of traditional genres such as portraiture, landscape and still life. Many of these artworks express themes of mortality and the transitory quality of life, for instance as embodied by the Egyptian sarcophagi. Religious narratives are also expressed by a selection of representations of the Madonna and Child, and Saint George and the Dragon.

By exhibiting a lush architectural rendering of the lobby of Morris Lapidus’s Miami Beach Fontainebleu Hotel alongside a serene landscape painting by Hermann Philipp; and a Greek icon of a Madonna and Child next to a modern version by Haitian artist Saincilius Ismael, we hope to encourage the viewer to consider the connections between art created in different countries and time periods.

For a list of the works please refer to this brochure: art-history-lab-web


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