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January 24, 2014 - 7PM

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jan 24 | one image; one minute 

[email protected] special events and programming begin at 7pm

This Friday the Bass Museum of Art presents a special live event “1 Image; 1 Minute”.
The rules are simple, participants bring their own image and speak candidly for one minute about the image. The open forum encourages thought-provocing discussion about life and adventure.
Anyone interested in participating should email Micol Hebron at [email protected] to be included.
“1 Image 1 Minute” initiated as a column that Los Angeles-based artist Micol Hebron started for X-Tra magazine in 2008. It has since had several iterations as a live event, in addition to numerous printed versions of the column. To date there have been 7 live “1 image 1 Minute” events, involving over 250 participants, and 40 published submissions in X-Tra magazine.

Members, miami beach residents & basspass: free | Non-members: $10


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