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[email protected] is a new auxiliary component of the Bass Museum of Art’s [email protected] education program, which will give youth with visual and auditory disabilities the opportunity to participate and learn in the museum and the classroom through tailored art classes, tours, and performances during monthly and weekly programs, and on special field-trips. Though the museum has a history of inclusion and accommodation, [email protected] comprises the museum’s first unified program addressing and serving youth with disabilities. The Bass Museum of Art’s mission: We inspire and educate by exploring the connections between our historical collections and contemporary art, supports the idea that art is a catalyst for creativity and positive growth, especially in the area of early childhood education. [email protected] aims to reach a new constituency of young minds to catalyze learning opportunities inspired by the museum’s temporary exhibitions and permanent collection. Through this program, the museum aims to provide art, culture, and access for the youth of Miami-Dade County.

For more information or to set up a custom made program for your school or organization please contact [email protected]



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