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october 25 | object based learning: creating collections in the classroom
9am – 3:30pm | 8mmps
Created for all grades and all disciplines
Free | breakfast and lunch included

All museums collect and classify objects in order to understand how the world works. By using design thinking strategies, teachers will develop lesson plans that will enable their students to create their own “mini museum” displays that may include things they have made, everyday objects, or organic material. Participants will tour the museum’s Hernan Bas “Cabinet of Wonders” exhibition and make their own mini-display cases.

Free field trips will be offered to all participants.

The Bass Museum of Art will coordinate a culminating student art exhibition to showcase student work generated from the curriculum. As part of the authentic assessment, participating teachers will also be asked to select and submit student work for the exhibition. The work may be submitted in a variety of formats that me include artwork, written expressions, reflections, sketch journal entries or video recordings. The work will be adjudicated and prizes will be awarded to both students and teachers at the opening.

november 8 | investigating the techniques of old master painting
9am – 3:30pm | 8mmps
Created for visual art teachers, including those who lead school tours at area art museums as part of the Museum Education Program
Free | breakfast and lunch included

Participants will learn about the techniques of painting used by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, including preparing the support, tempera versus oil painting, restoration and the detection of fakes. Hands-on demonstration of tempera and transfer techniques. Special emphasis on scientific technologies used to study the works, including infrared, microscope, cross-sectioning of paint layers. Lesson plan demonstrations will include turning students into art detectives, as they learn how to uncover a forged painting using sleuthing technology, and how to make a Renaissance-style portrait, including transferring “cartoons” (chalk under drawing) onto a surface, working with the natural compounds to make various colors of paint, and filling shaded areas with tempera or acrylic glazes.

As a follow-up field experience teachers will also be given the opportunity to schedule a free class tour of the museum.

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IDEA@thebass teacher workshop lesson plans
These lesson plans were created for our teacher training workshops, we have tailored these specific plans to Kinder, 1st, 4th and art teachers, but can be made general enough for you to take the skeleton of the plans and tailor them to your grade level. We will be adding more as we continue to host teacher workshops throughout the year so please visit our website often.

Please click on link below for a downloadable pdf:
Bass Resource Guide 2013-2014

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Please click on link below for a downloadable pdf:
Finding Opposites – Jose Bedia – 1st Grade

Organic Landscapes – 1st grade

Stories With Dots – ‘Dingo Dreaming’ – K-1st Grade

Understanding How Things Change – Warhol – K-1st Grade

4th Grade and Art
These lessons where developed for 4th Grade Language Arts teachers to work together with the school art teacher to inspire a writing assignment and an art project.

Please click on link below for a downloadable pdf:
Creativity & Content – Lambie Tape – 4th Grade Literacy

Figurative Language – Silvie Fleury – 4th Grade Literacy

Narrative Story-Dingo Dreaming – 4th Grade Literacy

Point of View – The Tournament Tapestry – 4th Grade Literacy

Writing Grabbers – Bass Museum Mummy – 4th grade

Art Teachers
Please click on link below for a downloadable pdf:

Sagamore collection

Vanishing points exhibition lesson plan


All Teachers 

Please click on link below for a downloadable pdf:

Exploring Families from Ancient Egypt Until Now



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