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Jason Hedges | Key Biscayne #1, 2013 | oil on canvas | 16 x 20 in

Location: Walgreens (2300 Collins Ave)

Reception date: Friday 7/19, 6-7pm followed by Kevin Arrow and Holly Hunt

Reception Location:  Bass Museum Terrace

Artist’s statement: For the past 13 years my aesthetic and conceptual concerns have been exploring formal ideals of art and foodstuffs in relation to those who make them. These questions explore fundamentals of aesthetics and humanity. Formally they have taken numerous elements from the history of art and existence. From the machined hard-edged minimal sculptures of Judd and Andre to pigment sprayed hand prints of Neolithic caver painters, I find myself combining these aesthetics with the universal constant of the food and drink we all share. By distilling down and blending these objects and ingredients to their simplest form and recontextualizing them from their known format we can distance ourselves from them and view them with a refreshed perspective devoid of superficial or commercial pretenses.  

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