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José Dávila | Untitled (The Space Beneath Us), 2012 | Tlaquepaque hand-made ceramic | Courtesy of the artist and Galería OMR, Mexico City and Travesía Cuatro, Madrid | photo by Silvia Ros

Location: Collins Park

Untitled (The Space Beneath Us) represents a spatial and architectural reinterpretation of the ’Homage to the Square’ series of paintings by Joseph Albers. Davila inserts three-dimensional planes into the landscape, thereby subverting painting into sculpture, and observation into activity. The flooring is composed of traditional handmade Mexican Tlaquepaque ceramic tiles, which relates to the various materials – glass, vinyl, metal — that Davila has implemented in other re-appropriations of Albers’ color schematics, in cases situating his practice under the term of ’Neo-povera.’ Davila has used elemental forms and materials to refer to the works of artists and architects throughout the history of art. Albers’ study of space, color, repetition and purity of form, through mathematically precise representations, have challenged and engaged Davila’s practice whose reinterpretation in the form of handmade and imperfect ceramics, breaking from Albers original precision and leaving certain formal aspects to uncertainty (the kiln deforms the square and manipulates the color of the ceramic pieces), reflect the character of conceptual art and its statement that it is the content and not the form.

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