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Mark Hagen | To be Titled (Additive Sculpture, Miami Screen), 2012 | Cement and stainless steel | 108 inches high x variable width and depth | Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery, Paris/Brussels

Location: Collins Park

This sculpture is constructed out of cast cement units in various geometric shapes, with textures from found consumer packaging, recycled cardboard, packing tape and molds that Mark Hagen made from 47-year-old graffiti from a cement and coral stone wall at the edge of the Bass Museum property. Although the vertical stacking in this sculpture suggests temporal layering, or possibly even a qualitative hierarchy, its modularity and reconfigurable nature contradict this interpretation and create a sculpture that is unfixed, nomadic, and yet a permanent record. “This piece,” explains Hagen, “like much of my work, finds inspiration in the breakdown and complication of hierarchies, history, and vision. My work has been described as ‘disorienting as it is ordered’ and ‘synthesizing the often-contradictory movements of process art, finish fetish, minimalism, modernist architecture, craft, and DIY construction.’ Modularity and the reconfigurable as seen in this sculpture are among my means but also my subjects. Both have a relationship to time, in that they imply the incomplete, the continuous or the cyclic, in opposition to the finished, the completed or linear work.”


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