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Michael Linares | Así las cosas (This being so), 2012 | black paint | Courtesy of the artist and Walter Otero Contemporary Art, San Juan

Location: Bass Museum of Art facade, facing North

Michael D. Linares (b. 1979, Bayamón, Puerto Rico) lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2005 he received a BFA from the EAP (School of Fine Arts) of San Juan, where he currently teaches. In 2010 he finished Beta-Local (Independent Studies) San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is also founder and editor at large of

Notable solo exhibitions include ‘Found & Lost’, Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (2009); ‘Useless’, curated by Pablo Leon de la Barra, PINTA Art Fair London (2010); ‘Solo Project’, curated by Juan de Nieves, ARCO, Madrid (2010); ‘Tu y Yo en una Isla para Dos sentados mirando el Sol…’, Galería Comercial, San Juan (2006); ‘Eight, Ocho, Bizcocho, Cake’, Galería Comercial, San Juan (2006); and ‘Lawrimore Loves Painting’, Lawrimore Project, Seattle (2006). Upcoming solo exhibitions include ‘Solo Show’, Walter Otero Gallery, San Juan (2013); and ‘Solo Show’, Ltd Los Angeles, Los Angeles (2013).

Artist statement (excerpted from the artist):

“Through a wide range of styles and media, my work reflects my determination to constantly review and question the possibilities of new relations between things and their meanings. I consider my practice to be a constant inquiry about what is considered art through its materiality, process and its relation with other objects, as well as language, people and situations. More than an aesthetic experience itself that fades the minute it’s institutionalized, I see my work as the vehicle for a possible aesthetic experience, one that remains open, ever changing and ready to be redefined.”

“Paint Splatter is a series of ‘flat paintings’ that explore the accidental gestures and erratic behavior characteristic of the medium and the act of painting. The series aims to constraint the immediacy and out-of-control nature of the accident (splatter) with the intention of reflecting on the act of painting and painting itself as another medium among many, with no particularities or special characteristics beyond its materiality at the service of an idea.”



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