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Michelle Lopez

Wilted, folded and crumpled by the artist’s body, ‘Blue Angel II’ rests on the front façade of the Bass Museum of Art. A 40-foot adaptation of Lopez’ indoor ‘Blue Angels’, this sculpture exploits Minimalist vocabulary into abject form.

Lopez creates allegorical inversions of familiar cultural icons in order to circumscribe truths about our current societal landscape. The title of the work references the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, The Blue Angels, which displays United States military prowess through acrobatic aerial performances. Without the bravado or cruelty of war, Lopez ‘folds’ this fetished contradiction of object into her forms. Referencing a crashed airplane fuselage in scale and material, ‘Blue Angel II’ is an allegory for our post 9/11 collective memory; its mirrored surface implicates both the viewer and site through its reflective distortions.


Michelle Lopez
Blue Angel II , 2013

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