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Mungo Thomson

For ‘Crickets’ (2012), Mungo Thomson collaborated with composer Michael Webster to transcribe field recordings of crickets from around the world (France, Cameroon, Senegal, Martinique, Borneo, Thailand and Venezuela) into a musical score. The result is a dynamic, 18-minute composition for a 17-person classical ensemble of violin, flute, clarinet, and percussion. The score contains 25 movements, such as ‘Reunion Island’, ‘The Cirque de Cilaos at 1300m’, ‘February 1998’ and ‘Nightfall in a Banana Plantation’.

Thomson also recorded a series of instrument ‘solos’ – recordings of individual performers impersonating the chirp of a single cricket – that play on small speakers, indoors and out. Several musicians, scattered around the grounds of Collins Park, play the sound of ‘solo’ crickets during a live performance on Public’s opening night, Wednesday, December 4, 8:30pm to 10pm.


Mungo Thomson

Crickets Solo for Clarinet; Violin; Flute; Percussion, 2013

Sound installations; Solo show at galerie frank elbaz, 2013

Photo by Zarko Vijatovic

galerie frank elbaz | N4

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