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Santiago Roose

This work simulates the society of two small urban structures: The guard house and dog house. In Third World cities, it is very common to see this combination in higher socio-economic neighborhoods, an architectural relationship that is the main interest of the artist – urban determinism.

Roose chooses to establish a mimetic synthesis between the two elements, giving them the same materiality taken from the urban environment in which they exist. The modules are made from concrete slabs that simulate the measurements and texture of common sidewalks. Two ordinary elements turn into a sort of urban monument that is not a source of pride. By virtue of being produced with concrete, the work generates the feeling of firmness when seen at a distance greater than 10 meters. However, its construction does not meet a standard of structural stability and its fragility can be observed at close range.


Santiago Roose
Theoretically Stable System, 2013
Steel and concrete | 198 × 250 × 99 cm
80 m2 Livia Benavides | N22

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