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Scott Reeder

Scott Reeder’s unique practice explores the history of painting and sculpture through myriad comical and conceptual approaches that deliberately defy summarization. Recently, Reeder has used pasta as a stencil to create paintings and text works which explore abstraction as a dominant visual language in the history of Modern and contemporary art.

Influenced by Abstract Expressionism, Reeder’s pasta paintings function as both explorations of the artist’s body in relation to the creation of aesthetics, as well as abstraction’s complex relationship with art history. The text works, composed predominately of two word phrases, are juxtapositions of context and interpretation. Taking into account the power of slang, subculture tropes, shape and style, Reeder’s works are not a direct comment on a particular subject or meaning. Rather, the ‘artist’s hand’ gives the work a vulnerability which allows for critical transcendence between different interpretations.


Scott Reeder
Real Fake, 2013
Fiberglass and paint | 183 × 244 × 91 cm
Kavi Gupta | C26

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