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T. Kelly Mason | re: Members, 2013 | collage in members’ magazine | dimensions variable | Courtesy the artist and Cherry and Martin Gallery, Los Angeles

Location: Bass Museum of Art Spring/Summer 2013 Members Magazine

Please click here view a downloadable pdf of the Bass Museum of Art Spring/Summer 2013 Member Magazine.

T. Kelly Mason’s subtle and sly project kicks off a series of playful artistic “insertions” into and around the Bass Museum of Art as part of the ongoing series Fun & Games, organized by Marilu Knode, Executive Director of Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, with Bass Museum of Art staff. These projects are interactive; they play hide-and-seek or allow the visitor to re-trace the artist’s inquisitive probing of the puzzle-piece nature of modern life and museums. As these projects roll out over the next few months, visitors will have the chance to play on, around or with a group of compelling works by a dynamic generation of artists from around the globe as part of the Bass Museum of Art’s tc: temporary contemporary art in unexpected places program.

Over the past two decades, Los Angeles-based artist T. Kelly Mason has used a light touch to ponder the weighty philosophical questions of our complex, late-industrial, increasingly virtual world. His cheery bright post-it collages,
re: Members, 2013, range throughout the Bass Museum of Art’s members’ magazine, mini thought bubbles that ponder the meaning of objects held by the museum in the public trust.

Museums reflect the capacious curiosity of the human mind, where deep questions, such as “is mortality an object or an idea” pertain to the lifespan of material objects as well as the humans that make them. Mason isn’t above stirring up superstitions from the past, saying of the museum’s mummy “the object awaits its previous owner” to undermine our reliance on science to explain the mysteries of the past.

Mason allows the wandering of the human mind to play across the pages of the primary tool most museums use to communicate to their members—the magazine—showing how each bit of information the staff delivers is but a piece in the puzzle of global cultural meaning.

– Marilu Knode, Executive Director, Laumeier Sculpture  Park, St. Louis selected T. Kelly Mason for the museum’s newest tc: temporary contemporary art platform



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