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Teresa Margolles | Untitled, 2010 | six cement benches cast with water used in the washing of bodies of murdered people in the Guadalajara morgue | 20 ½ x 78 ¾ x 31 ½ inches each | Courtesy of the artist and LABOR, Mexico City Location: Collins Park Six custom-made concrete benches by Teresa Margolles will be presented in tc: temporary contemporary. They were originally commissioned by and exhibited near the North Piazza of the BP Grand Entrance at LACMA for LAND’s exhibition VIA/Stage 2. Made of cement mixed with liquid that had been used to wash corpses in an autopsy room in Mexico, they invoke four gruesome fatalities, all resulting from drug- and gang-related violence. These functional benches, intended for use by visitors, take the form of an abstracted human body lying prone on the ground. Margolles – who trained as an artist and a forensic scientist – has used this format previously, presenting a set of six benches at Jardin Botánico de Culiacán in her home town of Culiacán, Mexico. The benches are intended as monuments to the dead, through which spectators might find peace in the tragedies. The elegant, minimal aesthetic of the works, their placement in a beautiful outdoor space, and their value as a place of rest and contemplation for a passing viewer, all suggest the possibility that brutality and poetry may coexist.


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