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Ugo Rondinone | I feel, you feel, we feel through each other into our selves, 2012 | cast aluminum, white enamel | 15’11” H x 16’ W x 15’5” D | Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels | photo by Silvia Ros

Location: Collins Park

Ugo Rondinone is known for his widely discursive practice through which he meditates on the experiential qualities of the everyday. Skillfully traversing the boundaries between public and private, exterior and interior, he reveals and displaces the processes of how cultural meaning is produced and distributed. At tc: temporary contemporary, Rondinone presents a new 16-foot-tall sculpture cast from a 2000-year-old olive tree. Fabricated in aluminum and coated in white enamel, the sculpture is cast from a tree found in the countryside outside of Naples. This new work furthers the artist’s investigation of themes of time and displacement, and the relationship between natural and artificial environments. ’What interests me about the 2000 year-old trees,’ explains Rondinone, ‘is the fact that once they are cast bare naked they become a memoriam of condensed time. Through a cast olive tree you can not only experience the lapse of real time, that is lived time, frozen in its given form, but through this transformation also a different calibrated temporality. If my work in general has a nonlinear approach to the world, then the system and concept of time, which has occupied my work since the beginning, gives me a certain sense of grounding.’

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