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Ursula von Rydingsvard

‘lub też’, created specifically for the outdoors, is made  of cedar with graphite scoured into its surface. Calling on von Rydingsvard’s recurrent theme of juxtaposing the organic and the hand-built, she transforms this unforgiving and dense material into an elegant expression of movement and gesture. The result is a sculpture formed from joining and cutting 4’× 4’ wood beams, creating a work with an intricate and sensual surface. The natural landscape informs von Rydingsvard’s work – associating the appearance of craggy cliff edges or patterns left on sand by ocean waves, with passages in her sculpture.

Recently, von Rydingsvard has concentrated on opening the exterior faces of her sculptures, introducing protruding forms and pronounced outlines, and even drawing into the rough surface of the wood. With each piece, von Rydingsvard expands her visual vocabulary and sculptural technique, creating work that, while identifiable and attributable to the artist, is never repeated.


Ursula von Rydingsvard

lub też, 2013

Cedar, graphite | 274 × 169 × 160 cm

Galerie Lelong | G1

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